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Estate Sales by Jonesy – Sales by Type


Estate Sales


Estate sales typically occur when all or most of a home's contents are being sold. Traditionally, estate sales are held after a death or other life changing event.. Estate Sales are generally sales which have a heavy concentration of collectibles, art work, and other valuable items.   Estate Sales can also happen when an entire home of goods is being sold.  This can happen with or without collectible and other high-valued items.   Estate Sales by Jonesy are experts in conducting a quality Estate Sale which will bring back the highest returns for our clients.

Liquidation Sales


Estate Sales by Jonesy are experts in liquidating entire homes of goods no matter the value of quantity of goods.    Liquidation Sales generally happen due to financial matters or the homeowner is downsizing.   These sales can include high valued of items as well as garage items and lawn and garden equipment.  In today’s reselling environment, Liquidation Sales have become very popular with customers.   

Moving Sale


Sellers refer to their sales as moving sales when they're getting rid of their unwanted objects before moving to another residence.  As a homeowner who is relocating, a moving sale is advantages since the cost of moving the items can be very high.  Additionally, most people moving to new homes want new items that fit the decor.   For Estate Sales by Jonesy customers, a moving sale can be their opportunity to get a “new” item for their home at a reduced price.

Tag Sale


Technically, the term "tag sale" can refer to any sale where you put price tags on your secondhand stuff and offer it for sale. A tag sale may be held anywhere on the exterior of the property or inside the home. The term "tag sale" is used more in the northeast than in other parts of the United States. In some areas, a tag sale is considered the same as an estate sale.  While Tag Sale still exist, for the most part, this type of sale is dwindling as Liquidation Sales are replacing them.  And most of the time it is better to not have the items marked at the sale.  Estate Sales by Jonesy are experts in how to best classify and handle your sale.

No matter the type of sale you have, Estate Sales by Jonesy handles the sale with dignity, empathy and integrity both for our clientele and our customers.   Estate Sales by Jonesy is your one-stop sales place for all of your Estate Sale, Liquidation Sale, Collectible Sale and Moving Sale needs!



Estate Sales by Jonesy – Dignity, Empathy and Integrity!


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