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Estate Sales by Jonesy Tips for Buyers


Estate and Liquidation Sales, typically take place when someone downsizes their home, or a life-changing event occurs.  No matter what the reason for the sale, when attending a sale by Estate Sales by Jonesy, the same sale tips apply.

Read these estate sales tips before attending a sale by Estate Sales by Jonesy to maximize your experience:

  • Attend the first day of the estate sale at the starting time for the best selection of merchandise. If you find something you love, consider carefully if you should purchase the item then or wait for a possible discount day.   Estate Sales by Jonesy tries to price items at a fair price for both our clientele and customers.   Remember this rule of thumb; if you like it, someone else will too.   The item will most likely be gone before a discount day happens. 

  • Do go early and get in line to enter (or register on the Estate Sales by Jonesy website to receive a number).   Remember, if the sale is held completely indoors, we might limit the number of customers inside the house at any given time. Your goal should be to get in with the first group for the best selection.

  • Do not feel offended if staff members watch you while you shop, or if they ask to see your receipt for purchased items as you leave. Estate Sales by Jonesy as part of their services, provide security for our clientele – remember not everyone is as honest as you!  It’s not personal.

  • Even though discounts are usually the last day of a sale, the selection is usually very thin as most of the “good stuff” will have sold.  Though not our policy to discount before a discount day, Estate Sales by Jonesy will listen to any reasonable offer.   Do not make the mistake of waiting to the last day to try and negotiate.

  • Make sure to ask your Estate Sales by Jonesy representative about pick up policies.   At most of our sales, you can return for large pieces such as furniture on the same or the next day, but it’s best to make sure as it is not always the case. 


  • Do bring muscle if you are planning on purchasing large and heavy items.  While the Estate Sales by Jonesy staff is always there to help you, our staff members are generally assigned to specific areas of the sales and cannot leave those areas unattended.  It is always best to bring your own people to move heavy items.

  • Do inquire about window treatments, including hardware, lighting, and other fixed objects, even if there’s no visible price. At many of our estate sales, the house is being stripped bare before putting it on the market. Ask about garden statuary, potted plants, and kitchen appliances also. In many cases, those items are also up for sale.  Estate Sales by Jonesy will work with our client to try and facilitate a purchase of the item you would like to buy.

  • Don’t feel uneasy about wandering through the house, including areas that are typically private, such as bathrooms, bedrooms, basements, and closets. When liquidating an entire estate, we usually can’t fit all the merchandise in the front room. If a room or door is off limits, we will mark it with a sign. Items which Estate Sales by Jonesy have already sold but have not been removed from the house yet will be marked “sold”.

  • Do ask if there are sale items in the garage, backyard, or in outbuildings. It’s not unusual, but those areas are easy to miss because you are concentrating on shopping inside the house.  An Estate Sales by Jonesy representative will be glad to help.

  • Do check the condition of antique and vintage pieces before you buy. Most Estate and Liquidation Sale merchandise is sold as is, which means you can't return it later if you find a flaw.  Estate Sales by Jonesy will help you to try an item out before you buy it.

  • Do check the Estate Sales by Jonesy website weekly for our upcoming sales. We list merchandise online during the weeks before the sale and include lots of photos.

Remember Estate Sales by Jonesy does Estate Sales, Liquidation Sales, In-Door Garage Sales and Tag Sales! 


We are pleased to be your one-stop shopping place!

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