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Meet Jonesy

Jonesy is a 12-15 year-old Persian Chinchilla cat that we found at the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control in May of 2009. He has been a loving part of our family ever since.

The truly interesting thing about Jonesy is his unique personality. He is a cat with compassion, empathy, high intelligence, and humanity. Simply put he is our best friend.

No matter who meets Jonesy, they are amazed at his unique sense of conversation, play-fullness, and desire to be accepted as an equal to anyone in the room. The common opinion of him is he is sweet and beautiful.

Though we are not exactly sure of his age, and we have seen him slow a bit from when we first me him, there is no question he is young for whatever his age might be.

We have been blessed to have nine wonderful years with him and hope for many, many more!

There is a lot more to the story and journeys of this amazing cat and I think it is important for any animal lover to read his entire story. I will be posting a page or two each week so you can know Jonesy too.

So come back soon for the first part of his amazing journey into our hearts…

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