We are the most experienced and knowledgeable Estate Sales company in Phoenix Arizona. Whether you are having an Estate Sale, Liquidation Sale or Tag Sale; we have the experience and knowledge you need to have a successful sale. We work with those in the Phoenix community who are planning to retire, looking to downsize, needing to relocate, having a divorce, filing bankruptcy or who have had a death in the family. Regardless of the reason, we show empathy and respect without judgement.
We have a unique ability to value, market and sell your items with empathy and dignity while increasing profit and meeting your goals. 

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How Estate Sales by Jonesy Began:

When we relocated from Florida to North Carolina, we moved our antique liquidation business with us. Once our house was sold, we had very little time to get moving. A business associate of ours suggested that we call an Estate Sales company. When it was time to move, we hired that Estate Sale company from Florida to assist with liquidating before the move. What a horrible experience we had with this firm! When all was said and done, we learned so many do’s and don’ts (unfortunately more don'ts than do’s) that we decided we would start our own estate sales company once we finished the move to North Carolina (as it was a natural fit with our antique business). Our goal was to help others and have fun. We absolutely love everything about the estate sale business, from the interesting people we meet, the different way each home is decorated and designed, getting to know the customers and their story, to the antiques, art, furniture and collectibles we come across and help sell.

Since 2006 Our Goals and objectives have been to insure the highest level of customer support, service and honesty the estate sale industry has ever seen.


We are always up-front with our clients about what we can and cannot do for them. Our investment in all of our sales is more the just financial its personal. At Estates Sales by Jonesy, the client’s best interest is our best interest. With a full understanding of the various reasons one would find themselves having the need to have an estate or liquidation sale, we help relieve the pressure and emotional strain the estate liquidation process can bring.

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Estate Sales by Jonesy is a family owned and operated business.  When established in 2006, our initial goal was getting the best knowledge for the business and to become the Estate Sale experts we are today.  Our plan has been to advance and be able to grow into a national estate liquidation service that understands and empathizes with the needs of clients all over the country.  Our Clientele are families in need of an Estate Sale company’s assistance to meet their goals no matter the reason.  


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We are a proud member of the National Antiques & Collectibles Association!