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Estate Sales by Jonesy handles the estate sale unit for our company.   The general definition of an Estate Sale is:

  1. The sale has high quality collectibles

  2. The sale has high value furniture

  3. An event (death, move, downsizing), has taken place where a total sale of goods in a location needs to be sold

  4. The clientele that would attend these sales are seasoned buyers who look for a certain type of quality in the items they are buying

  5. Negotiation is limited and usually reserved for last day of sale


Novelties by Jonesy handle the liquidation sale unit for our company.  The general definition of a liquidation sale is:


  1. Items of all values are available for sale

  2. Housewares, tools, clothes, curtains and other items not usually thought of as Estate Sale items are available

  3. These sales are usually triggered by a client moving, downsizing, clearing clutter, or a need to liquidate assets for cash

  4. Clientele look for bargains on all types of merchandise


There are hybrid scenarios for each type of sale.  In some cases we run both types at a particular location.


We keep databases of potential clientele and direct marketing as well as advertising to the type of customer which best fits your needs.


No matter how the sale is billed, it is done in a discreet manner as not to discuss the motivating reasons for the sale or publish personal information.


We will set a plan up for you that is unique to your situation.  This plan will include –


  • Dates for the sale

  • Type of sale

  • Multiple sales if needed

  • Consignment if needed

  • Advances on sales if needed

  • Credit card, Debit card, and cash transaction

  • Disposal of remaining items via consignment, donation, or other method to your satisfaction


No sale is too small or too big for us to handle!


We are the best at what we do and you will not be disappointed selecting our company!

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