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Estate Sales by Jonesy is one of the most experienced and knowledgeable Estate Sales companis in Portland Oregon
The “Modern Portland Estate Sale” has changed a lot from what consumers are used too. In Portland and the surrounding suburbs, many items which were once considered of high value have now deflated. On the other hand many items which used to not sell are now bringing top dollars at estate sales in Portland. It is so important to have a company like Estate Sales by Jonesy handle your sale because we have the knowledge and skillset to bring you top dollars!
Whether you are having a Portland Estate Sale, Portland Liquidation Sale, or Portland Tag Sale or just need everything removed form your home when you move; we have the experience and knowledge you need to have a successful sale. 

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Portland, OR


Estate Sales by Jonesy has been around for a long time and has experienced everything from finding items of excessive value that the person seliing knew nothing about, to making diamonds out of coal. Portland is a unique area of the country that we thoroughly understand.
At Estate Sales by Jonesy we work with those in the Portland community who are planning to retire, looking to downsize, needing to relocate, having a divorce, filing bankruptcy or who have had a death in the family. 
Each reason for an Estate Sale in and around the Portland area, has its’ own unique set of challenges. At Estate Sales by Jonesy, our expertise allows us to properly advise you of what are the best and legal steps to liquidate property.
Regardless of the reason, we show empathy and respect without judgement.
Estate Sales by Jonesy started because one the founders had a death in the family. After reviewing multiple contracts from other Esate Sales companies, more was found not to like than to like, Estate Sales by Jonesy does it right because we know what it takes to do a quality Portland Estate Sale.
We have a unique ability to value, market and sell your items with empathy and dignity while increasing profit and meeting your goals. 
Estate Sales by Jonesy is not only concerned about getting you the highest dollar, but we are a bit picky about our clientele.  We know how personal some of these items can be to people and we likme them to get into the right hands – someone who can appreciate them as much as your family has.    
At Estate Sales by Jonesy we understand that each client’s needs are unique, and we are here to formulate a plan that suits each client’s needs in a timely, efficient and convenient manor. 
When you meet the Estate Sales by Jonesy representative that will come to your house, you will imeediately know that he or she is the best representative you can have in Portland for your estate sale. The person will take time to analyze your things, evaluate and plan with thyou the best way to market your items.
Whether you are looking for a Portland estate sale company to liquidate your belongings or maybe need assistance helping an older loved one move on to their next chapter, Estate Sales by Jonesy is here to help make a stressful situation a bit easier for you and your family.   
It would be our honor to work with you and every other nice person in Portland.  We know these are hard times, but we at Estate Sales by Jonesy, act as part of the family to work with you to overcome the most difficult of problems.


How Estate Sales by Jonesy Began


When we relocated from Florida to North Carolina, we moved our antique liquidation business to North Carolina. Once the house was sold we had very little time to get moving and a business associate of ours suggested we do an estate sale. At the time the Estate Sale business was just starting to gain footing across the country.    We immediately liked the business and saw that it was a natural fit with our antique liquidation business.

When eventually the company moved into the estate sale arena we used our experience to create our mission statement of being the best empathetic provider of estate sale and liquidation sale services in the country.

Eventually we merged another company of ours, Magic Guitar, into Estate Sales by Jonesy and have since become known as a top buyer and reseller of classic and vintage guitars.

Our goal was to help others and have fun while doing it. We absolutely love everything about the estate sale business, from the interesting people we meet, the different way each home is decorated and designed, getting to know the customers and their story, to the antiques, art, furniture and collectables we get to come across and help sell.

Since 2006 our objective has been to insure the highest level of customer support, service and honesty the estate sale industry has ever seen. We are always up-front with our clients about what we can and cannot do for them. Our investment in all of our sales is more the just financial its personal. At Estates Sales by Jonesy, the client’s best interest is our best interest. With a full understanding of the various reasons one would find themselves having the need to have an estate or liquidation sale, we help relieve the pressure and emotional strain the estate liquidation process can bring.

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We can sell virtually anything that is legal and safe to be sold at our estate sales and tag sales, indoor garage sales, moving sales & liquidation sales. We rearrange, organize, and attractively display all items including furniture, rugs, glassware, china, silver, gold, jewelry, cars, boats, RV's, Mid-century modern furniture, books, linens, kitchen utensils, vinyl records, audio/video equipment, tools, outdoor furnishings and more.

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